Services for International Staff

We care deeply about the well-being and career success of our international staff. When you work in our Faculty and/or live in Sapporo, you might encounter some challenges related to language and/or cultural differences. No worry!! The OIAS provides ONE-STOP SERVICE for both on- and off-campus matters.

The following are just examples of our services. If you need any assistance, just contact us and/or visit our office!!

Examples of Our Services

On-campus matters

  • Introducing services within the university
  • Providing English translation of administrative emails and notifications via our list server
  • Explaining and filling administrative forms
  • Inputting information into internal systems such as bt-ACE, Electronic Notification system, HINES, etc.
  • Translating and explaining the contract and work-related regulations
  • Acting as Interpreter when you talk to staff who does not speak English

Off-campus matters

  • Introducing public services (including services provided by the local municipality)
  • Acting as Interpreter when you make a phone call to offices and companies in Japanese such as Ward office, Tax office, Nursery, Elementary school, Water company, Gas and electric company, Property management company/Landlord, Hospital (reservation only), Student dormitory, etc.
  • Translating and explaining letters and notification in Japanese
  • Applying for your visa extension OR changing your visa status

Before your arrival

  • Arranging your accommodation in Sapporo
  • Preparing necessary documents for your visa in Japan
  • Introducing life in Sapporo