Concluding Agreements with Oversea Institutions


The Faculty & School of Science, Graduate School of Science, and Graduate School of Life Science are active in international collaboration. To make international collaboration formal, faculty members may conclude collaborative agreements with overseas universities/institutions. The OIAS is happy to assist members of the Faculty of Science to conclude new academic agreements and memorandum of understanding (MoU).

Benefits of signing an agreement and MoU

  • By including the “mutual tuition exemption” clause in the MoU, the financial burden for student exchange will be eased significantly.
  • Collaborative agreements and MoU are essential for developing double-degree and/or cotutelle programs.

In which cases, agreements and MoU shall be concluded?

Cases in which an agreement shall be concluded;

  • Planning a mid- and long-term student exchange program
  • Planning a Double Degree or Cotutelle Program
  • Essential for research activities
  • fields of collaboration can be extended to other departments or graduate schools (and the responsible person is willing to put efforts to extend the field of collaboration)

Cases in which an agreement should NOT be concluded;

  • One-time student exchange
  • Research collaboration in the personal level
  • No fixed academic exchange plan
  • Not essential for research activities and no concrete plan for student exchange

Step-by-Step Guide to concluding agreements and MoU

Before contacting the OIAS for assistance, please check the following;

  • Official name of the counterpart organization?
  • Period of the agreement?
  • Name and e-mail address of the person in charge of the agreement in the counterpart organization?
  • If planning student exchange, please check the following;
    • Possible to include “mutual tuition exemption” at all?
    • Undergraduate-level or Graduate-level or Both?
    • When do you plan to start student exchange?





  • 「授業料相互免除」の条項を含むことで学生交流の経済的負担が軽減されます。
  • Double Degree/Cotutelle Programを開発する事が可能となります。



  • 持続的な学生交流を計画中
  • ダブル・ディグリーやコチュテルを計画中
  • 研究試料の入手等研究遂行のために協定が不可欠
  • 他の部門・大学院等に交流の拡大が見込める


  • 単発的な学生交流
  • 個人的な研究交流
  • 具体的な交流内容が未確定
  • 研究遂行のために不可欠ではなく学生交流を行う予定が無い



  • 締結先の正式名称
  • 協定の期間
  • 締結先の専門担当者が交渉を行う場合は担当者の氏名・連絡先
  • 学生交流を予定している場合
    • 「授業料の相互免除」を含む事が可能?
    • 対象は学部生・大学院生それとも両方?
    • 学生交流の開始時期