International Collaborative Education Program


Hokkaido University has various schemes to expand your research connections with overseas colleagues into official collaboration at departmental, school, and graduate school levels.

The OIAS is happy to assist in planning and implementing international collaborative education programs.
If you need more information, feel free to contact us.

Hokkaido Summer Institute

Through the Hokkaido Summer Institute program, faculty members of Hokkaido University may invite world-leading overseas researchers or other specialists who have proven track records in education, research, and other areas and offer credited intensive courses together. Hokkaido University will contribute toward the costs of inviting researchers from overseas and implementing courses.

Learning Satellite

With the Learning Satellite program, faculty members at Hokkaido University (HU), together with researchers in overseas institutions can offer courses at overseas universities/institutes for HU and overseas students. Hokkaido University will contribute toward travel costs for HU staff and students and implementing courses.

Double Degree Program and Cotutelle Program

Once close research collaboration is established, you might wish to extend research collaboration to more formal educational programs. Hokkaido University has schemes for international collaborative education programs such as the Double Degree Program and Cotutelle Program.
For details of these programs, click here.




Hokkaido サマー・インスティチュート

Hokkaido サマー・インスティチュートとは毎年6-10月の間に本学にて開催されている大規模なサマースクールの事を指します。本プログラムをもって本学教員は海外より著名な研究者を本学に招き、その研究者と共に英語にて集中講義を行うことが可能となります。大学本部は研究者の招へい費用そして集中講義に必要な費用を援助します。