Admission and Scholarship

Admission and Scholarship

Q. I would like to enroll in the Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University. Please give me information about scholarships.

Q. How do I apply for the Japanese Government (MEXT) Scholarship?

A. In general, there are two types of MEXT Scholarships for new international students, (a) Embassy Recommendation and (b) University Recommendation.
(a) Please directly contact with the embassy or consulate in your country.
(b) Application can be accepted through your prospective supervisor. Please contact him/her and wait for the application period to start.
As to the MEXT Scholarship Special Quota (IGP), please visit the IGP website (http://altair.sci.hokudai.ac.jp/grad/igpoverview/index.php) and contact the IGP office if needed.

Q. I would like to enroll in your graduate school next year, however, I can’t find the guidelines.

A. The guidelines will be released about one month before the application period starts. Until then, please visit the website of the Graduate School of Science or Life Science and check the previous guidelines as a reference.

Q. Now I’m a fourth-year university student, and my major is XYZ. I would like to enter the Master’s course in the Graduate School of Life Science. How can I apply for it?

A. To enroll in the Graduate School of Science/Life Science, Hokkaido University, please follow the instruction of “Step-by-Step Guide to Entry” on this website.

Q. I don’t speak Japanese. Is it possible that I graduate from the Graduate School of Science/Life Science only in English?

A. Yes, it is. Many graduates completed their studies using only English. Do not worry about it.

Q. I have sent an email to my ideal supervisor, but I haven’t got any reply from him/her. What should I do?

A. Please tell us the supervisor’s full name and forward the message to our office. He/She may be missed your email by mistake. Our office will directly contact him/her and remind them to reply to you.

Q. My major is XYZ. Could you introduce my supervisor?

A. We’ are afraid that our office doesn’t recommend nor introduce to you any supervisors in or graduate schools by judging from your study field. You have to find the one by yourself. Please check our website and contact your prospective supervisor by email. We recommend you attach your CV, research plan, and transcripts, etc. when you email him/her.

Q. I’m not residing in Japan. Do I have to take an entrance examination in Japan?

A. No, you don’t. Students residing abroad will apply for the online Entrance Examination and the Graduate School will assess applicants based on the submitted application documents. You may have an interview with your prospective supervisor using skype or zoom beforehand if needed.

Q. When is the enrollment date?

A. April and October

International Faculty members

International Faculty members

Q. Are there accommodations for international faculty members?

A. Yes, if you are staying for more than one month, you may stay at the Foreign Researcher’s Accommodation. Please contact us so that we can check the availability and make a reservation. You can also check the accommodation information from the link.

Q. I would like to bring my family to Japan. What type of visa should I apply for my family?

A. We recommend that they apply for a “Dependent” visa. If your family is coming to Japan at the same time as you, we will apply for the COE for your family. If family members arrive later, you will have to apply for their COE by yourself in Sapporo.

Q. My family is going to work in Japan. Which visa should I apply for?

A. If your family member has found a job before coming to Japan, they can apply for a Work Visa, but if they find a job after arriving in Japan, they must apply for a “Dependent” visa. Even with a “Dependent” visa, it is permitted to work up to 28 hours per week if an application is made to the Immigration Bureau.

Q. Will I get my pension paid back after I leave Japan?

A. If you are from a social security treaty country, you can combine your pension term and benefits with the pension system in your home country, but if you are from a country other than a social security treaty country, you may receive a partial refund under the Lump-sum Withdrawal Payment System. For more information, please visit the Japan Pension Service website.

Q. How is the insurance system in Japan?

A. If you are staying in Japan for more than three months, you are obliged to enroll in national health insurance or employee health insurance. This insurance covers 70% of charges for medical care and hospitalization and the premiums vary depending on your annual income and the area you live in.