OIAS and SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals)

Our services are relevant to the following Sustainable Development Goals.


Goal 4 The OIAS promotes inclusive and equitable quality education by supporting international students with diverse backgrounds in the School of Science, Graduate School of Science, and Graduate School of Life Science in Hokkaido University.


Goal 8 By supporting staff with diverse backgrounds, the OIAS promotes inclusive working environments in the Faculty of Science.



Goal 10 The OIAS strongly endorses equitable and inclusive environments for our international students and staff by providing one-stop service for both academic and everyday matters.


Goal 16 By listening, conveying, and acting on the voices and opinions of international staff and students,  the OIAS promotes responsive, inclusive, participatory, and representative decision-making in the Faculty of Science, School of Science, Graduate School of Science, Graduate School of Life Science and the university.


Goal 17 The OIAS promotes international collaboration and partnerships in science.