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Nov. 24, 2020
Sci-tech talk #1 – #19

OIAS organize “Sci-teck talk in English event” as a part of internationalization activities of the Faculty of Science and intended for non-specialists. All talk and discussion will be conducted in ENGLISH.

We welcome all students, faculty members and others who are interested in science.

Past Sci-tech talk

#01.The Scientific Drilling Vessel CHIKYU-Challenges to Unravel the Mystery of Great Earthquake Dr.Sunny Saito, JAMSTEC

#02.”Baby Galaxies: The First Steps toward the Milky Way” Dr.John Wise, Assistant Professor of Physics at The Georgia Institute of Technology, USA

#03.The Role of IAEA in Open Access to Nuclear Data Dr.Naohiko Otsuka, Nuclear Data Physicist at International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA)

#04.The mighty stingray vs. the clever shrimp: 16 million year old trace fossils tell their stories! Dr. Ludvig Lowenmark, Associate Professor, National Taiwan University
#04.How did the monsoon influence human societies across Asia in the past? Examples from the geological record. Dr. Stephan Steinke, Senior Researcher, University of Bremen, Germany

#05.Ocean Acidification Dr. Helena Fortunato, Faculty of Science

#06.Biodiversity in the fisheries off the south coast of Portugal Dr.Teresa Cerveira Borges, Associate Professor at Faculty of Sciences and Technology, Algarve University, Portugal

#07.From molecular clouds to life: water’s remarkable journey. Dr.Ralph Pudritz, Professor at McMaster University, Canada

#08.Why Study Asteroids: NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Sample Return Mission from Asteroid 101955 Bennu. Dr.Harold C. Connolly Jr. (Professor, Hokkaido University and City University of New York, USA)

#09.”Chemical Substances in New Technologies: Are We Safe?” Dr. Isabel Cavaco (Assistant Professor, Analytical Chemistry in the Department of Chemistry and Pharmacy, University of Algarve, Portugal)

#10.”The Active Learning Catalyst Project and its Impacts” Prof. Jill Leonard (Biology Department, Center for Teaching and Learning, North Michigan University)

#11.”Welcome to Pluto” Dr. Elizabeth Tasker, Faculty of Science

#12.”Astronomy in ancient Egypt” Dr. Sarah Symons (McMaster U/U of Tokyo)

#13.”NASA’s Mission to Europa, a Potentially Habitable Ocean World” Dr. Steve Vance (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA at CalTech, USA)

#14.”Vital Signs: Seismology of Europa and Other Ocean Worlds” Dr. Steve Vance (Jet Propulsion Laboratory, NASA at CalTech, USA)

#15.”The Shape of Our Galaxy” Dr. ALEX PETTITT, Assistant Professor, Institute for International Collaboration

#16.”Earthquakes and geothermal resources related to New Zealand’ Alpine Fault” Dr. Virginia Toy, Senior Lecturer, Department of Geology, University of Otago

#17.”Identifying novel parasites in economically important oysters in New Zealand and Japan” Dr. Jonathan Banks, Dr. Steve Webb of the Cawthron Institute, Nelson, New Zealand and Suong Thao Nguyen, Ph. D. candidate, University of Auckland, New Zealand

#18.”Drugs: From the idea to the Patient” Prof. Fernando Albericio, University of Barcelona and University of KwaZulu-Natal

#19.”A tale of two sciences: The physical origins of form in neuroscience” Dr. Bruno Mota, a Professor at the Physics Institute, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro