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A predisposed motor bias shapes individuality in vocal learning

Joint press release (in Japanese)

The emergence of individuality during learned behavior is a general feature of animal species, yet the biological bases of its development remain unknown. Similar to human speech, songbirds develop individually-unique songs with species-specific traits through vocal learning. By taking advantage of songbirds as a model system for studying the neural basis of vocal learning and development, we utilized F1 hybrid songbirds (Taeniopygia guttata cross with T. bichenovii) to examine the developmental and molecular mechanisms underlying individuality in vocal learning. When tutoring with songs from both parental species, F1 pupils showed……

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Article Information:
Noriyuki Toji, Azusa Sawai, Hongdi Wang, Yu Ji, Rintaro Sugioka, Yasuhiro Go, Kazuhiro Wada
A predisposed motor bias shapes individuality in vocal learning, 30 May 2023, PREPRINT (Version 3) available at Research Square