Researcher Information

MIYAO Tadahiro

Associate Professor

Unravel the mysteries of the electron by mathematics

Department of Mathematics, Mathematics

Study of many-electron systems by means of the operator theory and the theory of operator algebras. 
FieldMathematical physics, Condensed matter physics, Functional analysis
KeywordMany electron systems, Quantum spin systems, Electron-phonon interacting systems, Quantum electrodynamics, Ferromagnetism, Antiferromagnetism, Topological phases, Phase transitions, Renormaliation group, Operator inequalities, Gauss processes, Operator algebras, Schroedinger operator

Representative Achievements

"On the semigroup generated by the renormalized Nelson Hamiltonian", T. Miyao, Journal of Functional Analysis, 276, 1948-1977, (2019)
“Nagaoka’s theorem in the Holstein-Hubbard model”, T. Miyao, Annales Henri Poincar´e, 18, 2849-2871, (2017).
“Retarded van der Waals potential: Revisited”, T. Miyao, H. Spohn, Journal of Mathematical Physics, 50, 072103(2009) (19pages).
“Spectral analysis of the semi-relativistic Pauli-Fierz hamiltonian”, T. Miyao, H. Spohn, Journal of Functional Analysis, 256, 2123-2156, (2009).
“Lowest energy states in nonrelativistic QED: atoms and ions in motion”, M. Loss, T. Miyao, H. Spohn, Journal of Functional Analysis, 34, 689-717, (2007).