Researcher Information

MASUDA Ryuichi


Research on evolution and diversity of animals

Department of Biological Sciences, Biodiversity


Study on origins and zoogeographical hisotry of mammals native to the Japanese islands, based on molecular phylogeny and population genetics

FieldMolecular phylogenetics, Population geneitcs, Zoogeography
KeywordMammal, Gene, Phylogeography, Evolution, Biodiversity

Introduction of Research

In this lab, our going research is to clarify the history on formation of the mammalian fauna and their divsersity on the Japanese islands. There are many questions on the Zoogeographical questions: for example, how the Japan-endemic mammals including the Japanese weasel and Japanese badger etc. have been speciated, why the brown bear lives on Hokkaido but the Asiatic black bear is distributed on Honshu. For clarifying the questions, the methodologies of molecular phylogeny and population genetics have been invoived. In addition, because it is true that the evolutionary origins of the Japanese mammlas are in the Euarasian continent, it is important to have international collaborations with researchers of the continent.

bears on Hokkaido

Representative Achievements

"Biogeography of Mammals", Ryuichi Masuda, University of Tokyo Press, 2017 (in Japanese)
"Zoological Travel Notes in Eurasia", Ryuichi Masuda, Iwanami Shoten, 2019 (in Japanese)
"Carnivores in Japan: Mammals at the Top of the Ecosystem", Ryuichi Masuda, ed., University of Tokyo Press, 2018 (in Japanese)
"Invitation to the Brown Bear Study: Thinking from Nature and Cultures", Ryuichi Masuda, ed., Hokkaido University Press, 2020 (in Japanese)
・2019 Award from the Zoological Society of Japan

・2019 Award from the Mammal Society of Japan
Academic degreeDoctor of Science
Academic background1989 Graduated from the Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido Univeristy
After that, Postdoctoral fellow of the National Cancer Institute of NIH (USA), etc.
Present, Professor of Hokkaido University
Affiliated academic societyThe Mammal Society of Japan, The Zoological Society of Japan