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Assistant Professor

Chemicalsynthesis and biocalsynthesis of natural products

Department of Chemistry, Organic and Biological Chemistry


Development of synthetic methods for natural organic compounds by combining chemical and enzymatic reactions

FieldOrganic Chemistry, Natural Product Chemistry, Enzymatic Chemistry, Organic Reaction
KeywordNatural product, Terpene, Polyketide, Organic synthesis, Enzyme, Organic reaction, Biosynthesis

Introduction of Research

Naturally occurring plants and microorganisms produce many organic compounds (natural products) with structures beyond human imagination. Some of them are used as pharmaceuticals, agrochemicals, lead compounds in drug development, biosensors, etc., because they exhibit excellent physiological and biological activities. In order to effectively use natural products to enrich human life, it is necessary to discover unknown natural products, to understand the functions of natural products, to know how organisms synthesize natural products, and to synthesize natural products artificially. Synthetic research is especially important because it is difficult to supply sufficient amounts of natural products from biological resources alone.
We are conducting basic research to achieve efficient artificial synthesis of natural products by combining a wide variety of chemical reactions, developing new reactions to synthesize complex structures, and utilizing specific enzymatic reactions. We also aim to contribute to related fields and society by developing drugs and elucidating their functions through the quantitative supply of natural products achieved through the accumulation of basic research.

Representative Achievements

Elucidation of Late-Stage Biosynthesis of Phomoidride: Proposal of Cyclization Mechanism Affording Characteristic Nine-Membered Ring of Fungal Dimeric Anhydride. S. Yamamoto, T. Matsuyama, T. Ozaki, J. Takino, H. Sato, M. Uchiyama, A. Minami, H. Oikawa, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 144, 46, 20998−21004 (2022).
Biochemistry-guided prediction of the absolute configuration of fungal reduced polyketides. J. Takino, A. Kotani, T. Ozaki, W. Peng, J. Yu, Y. Guo, S. Mochizuki, K. Akimitsu, M. Hashimoto, T. Ye, A. Minami, H. Oikawa, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. 60, 23403-23411 (2021)
Elucidation of biosynthetic pathway of a plant hormone abscisic acid in phytopathogenic fungi. J. Takino, T. Kozaki, T. Ozaki, C. Liu, A. Minami, H. Oikawa, Biosci. Biotech. Biochem. 83, 9, 1642-1649 (2019)
Unveiling Biosynthesis of the Phytohormone Abscisic Acid in Fungi: Unprecedented Mechanism of Core Scaffold Formation Catalyzed by an Unusual Sesquiterpene Synthase. J. Takino, T. Kozaki, Y. Sato, C. Liu, T. Ozaki, A. Minami, H. Oikawa, J. Am. Chem. Soc. 140, 39, 12392-12395 (2018)

Related industries

Pharmaceuticals, Agricultural Chemicals
Academic degreePh. D.
Academic background2018 BS, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University
2019 MS, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
2022 Ph.D., Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
2022-2023 Postdoctral Research Associate at Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
2023 Project Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
2024- Assistant Professor at Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
Affiliated academic societyThe Chemical Society of Japan, Japan Society for Bioscience Biotechnology and Agrochemistry
Room addressScience Building 6 6-607