Researcher Information


Assistant Professor

High-pressure and high-temperature science of light elements and investigation of deep Earth interior.

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Earth and Planetary System Science


Behavior of carbon and nitrogen in the deep Earth and planetary interior. Phosphorus as a key to the origin of life.

FieldHigh-pressure science, Mineralogy, Geochemistry
KeywordInterior of the Earth and icy satellites, Subducting slab, Deep carbon, C-O-H-N fluids, Aromatic compounds/Aliphatic hydrocarbons, Chemical evolution of phosphus compounds, High-pressure and high-temperature experiments, Diamond anvil cells

Introduction of Research

I have been investigating behavior of carbon, nitrogen and hydrogen in the deep Earth and planetary interior using high-pressure and high-temperature experiments. Especially I’m studying about chemical evolution of organics such as aromatic compounds and amino acids.

diamond anvil cells

Representative Achievements

Effect of Pressure on the Thermal Cracking and Polymerization of Pentacosane (n-C25), an n-Alkane, 
A. Shinozaki, ACS Earth and Space Chemistry2023, 7, 69-76
Polymerization mechanism of nitrogen-containing heteroaromatic compound under high-pressure and high-temperature conditions,
A. Shinozaki, K. Mimura, and T. Nishida, G.D. Cody, Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 2021, 125, 376-386
Behavior of intermolecular interactions in α-glycine under high pressure,
A. Shinozaki, K. Komatsu, H. Kagi, C. Fujimoto, S. Machida, A. Sano-Furukawa, and T. Hattori, Journal of Chemical Physics, 2018, 148, 044507
Stability and partial oligomerization of naphthalene under high pressure at room temperature,
A. Shinozaki, K. Mimura, T. Nishida, T. Inoue, S. Nakano, H. Kagi, Chemical Physics Letters, 2016, 662, 263-267
Preferential dissolution of SiO2 from enstatite to H2 fluid under high pressure and temperature,
A. Shinozaki, H. Kagi, H. Hirai, H. Ohfuji, T. Okada, S. Nakano, T. Yagi, Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 2016, 43, 277-285,