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Expansion of learning capacity elicited by interspecific hybridization

Joint press release (in Japanese)
Hokkaido University, The Exploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems, National Institute for Physiological Sciences, University of Hyogo

Learned behavior, a fundamental adaptive trait in fluctuating environments, is shaped by species-specific constraints. This phenomenon is evident in songbirds, which acquire their species-specific songs through vocal learning. To explore the neurogenetic mechanisms underlying species-specific song learning, we generated F1 hybrid songbirds by crossing Taeniopygia guttata with Aidemosyne modesta. These F1 hybrids demonstrate expanded learning capacities, adeptly mimicking songs…

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Article inforamation
Yukino Shibata et al. ,Expansion of learning capacity elicited by interspecific hybridization.Sci. Adv.10,eadn3409(2024).