MEXT scholarship application for the Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University (IGC-DHS special slot for enrollment in October 2023) is now OPEN. We are waiting for your challenge!

Jan. 11, 2023

Application procedure

1. Read the IGC-DHS application guidelines carefully and check basic requirements.
2. Contact prospective supervisors to discuss your suitability for this scholarship as soon as possible. You can find lists of faculty members on the following web pages.
・ Condensed Matter Physics:
・ Natural History Sciences:
(If you have a problem finding the e-mail addresses of prospective supervisors, please contact the Office for International Academic Support <international (at)> for support.)
(We recommend attaching objective data about your qualification (such as CV, transcripts, a score of English language proficiency, motivation letter, etc.) when contacting prospective supervisors.)
3. After your prospective supervisor agrees with your application to the scholarship, submit the following documents (a~e) in PDF format to the Office for International Academic Support <international (at)> by 31 January 2023 for the initial screening.
Initial screening documents
c. A copy of a recent official academic transcript
d. A copy of objective evidence of the eligibility of English proficiency (incl. Cambridge ESOL/ IELTS/TOEFL iBT/TOEIC L&R/TOEIC S&W certificates)
* Insert a passport-style photograph taken in the last 6 months in electronic format onto your application form, cut to 45mm x 35mm, upper body, full-faced, uncapped.
4. Initial screening in each department.
5. Final screening by the IGC committee (tentative: the middle of February 2023)
6. The successful applicants will be notified and asked to submit additional documents as follows.
– Recommendation letter (from the dean or above level person in charge in your home institution, addressed to the President of Hokkaido University)
– Photocopy of a valid passport
– Official Transcript issued by the last academic institution previously attended
– Additional info confirmation sheet
– Certificate of graduation (or expected graduation) or diploma
– Objective data that indicates that the applicant’s academic excellence
– Summary of master’s degree thesis (or undergraduate research)
– Objective documents that indicate the applicant’s English proficiency
7. Students who passed the final screening will be recommended to the MEXT (Japanese government) by Hokkaido university’s president in March.
8. MEXT determines the scholarship recipients and each scholarship period.
9. Final outcomes will be announced in June 2023 (tentative)


i) All documents mentioned above must be submitted in English. Documents should be word processed on A4 white paper wherever possible.
ii) Submitted documents will not be returned to the applicant.
iii) Incomplete or incorrect application documents, or applications with insufficient supporting documents will be excluded from consideration.
iv) Late applications will be excluded from consideration (deadlines should be strictly observed).
v) In some countries, an administrative authority representative may issue documents such as recommendation letters or certificates of graduation. The applicants are advised to confirm the content to be written on their graduation documents with their former/graduating university.

If you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact to Office for International Academic Support <international (at)>