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Department of Mathematics, Mathematics

FieldOperator algebras
KeywordC*-algebras, topological dynamics, discrete groups

Introduction of Research

C*-algebra theory gives a mathematical framework to understand infinite dimensional, non-commutative structures.
When we study such objects (like groups, dynamical systems, metric spaces etc), C*-algebras often appear naturally and they play an essential role to analyze the original structures.
I myself aim to deepen understanding of C*-algebras via these constructions and trying to find new phenomena in this theory.
Recently, I succeeded to obtain an (essentially) non-commutative variant of amenable actions.
My further researches show that these actions give an appropriate approach to
understand Kirchberg algebras.
I would like to continue to study this new interesting phenomena further, and want to understand well.

Representative Achievements

Yuhei Suzuki, Almost finiteness for general etale groupoids and its applications to stable rank of crossed products, Int. Math. Res. Not., 2020 (2020), 6007--6041
Yuhei Suzuki, Minimal ambient nuclear C*-algebras, Adv. Math. 304 (2017), 421--433.
Yuhei Suzuki, Equivariant O_2-absorption theorem for exact groups, Compos. Math., (accepted) arXiv:2004.09461
Yuhei Suzuki, (With N. Ozawa) On characterizations of amenable C*-dynamical systems and new examples Preprint, arXiv:2011.03420
Yuhei Suzuki, C*-simplicity has no local obstruction Preprint, arXiv:2103.10404
Academic degreePh.D.
Self Introduction

I was born and grew up in Hokkaido. Since I entered to Hokkaido University as an undergrad, I enjoy studying pure mathematics.. My current interest is to understand infinite dimensional structures. "Amenability" is an important keyword to bridge gaps between finite world and infinite world.

Affiliated academic societyMathematical Society of Japan
Room addressScience Building 3 3-516