Researcher Information


Assistant Professor

Mechanism of volanic eruption

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Earth and Planetary System Science


magmatic degassing

Fieldmaterial sciences of volcanic eruption, transport phenomena, chemical thermodynamics

Introduction of Research

I am interested in mechanism of volcanic eruption. Based on high-PT experiments, I try to understand behaviour of volatiles in magma.

Representative Achievements

Fingerprint of silicic magma degassing visualised through chlorine microscopy, S.Yoshimura, T.Kuritani, A.Matsumoto, M.Nakagawa, Scientific Reports, 2019, 9:786
Chlorine diffusion in rhyolite under low-H2O conditions, Yoshimura, S., Chemical Geology 2018, 483, 619-630.
Carbonate ions in high-SiO2 rhyolite observed in fluid-melt equilibrium experiments, Yoshimura,S., Nakamura,M. and Yurimoto, H., Geochemical Journal, 2017, 51, 251-262.
Flux ofvolcanic CO2 emission estimated from melt inclusions and fluid transport modelling, Yoshimura, S., Nakamura, M., Earth and Planetary Science Letters, 2013, 361 497-503.
Fracture healing in a magma: An experimental approach and implications for volcanic seismicity and degassing, Yoshimura, S., Nakamura, M., Journal of Geophysical Research, 2010, 115, B09209.
Academic degreePhD