Researcher Information

MASAKI Satoshi


Mathematical approach to understanding various nonlinear wave phenomenon

Department of Mathematics, Mathematics


Study of the nonlinear effects in the long-time behavior of solutions to nonlinear dispersive equations via harmonic analysis and variational analysis.

FieldDifferential equations, Mathematical physics
Keywordnonlinear dispersive equations, variational analysis, harmonic analysis, nonlinear scattering problem, stability analysis of solitons

Introduction of Research

My major is the mathematical analysis of partial differential equations. I am especially interested in nonlinear dispersive equations. The dispersive equations are, roughly speaking, the equations describing various wave phenomena. In particular, I work on the nonlinear Schrodinger equation, the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation, and the (generalized) KdV equation. One goal of my study is to understand the influence of nonlinearity on the global behavior of solutions of equations.

Academic degreePh. D.
Self Introduction

I like listening to music, especially classical pieces of music. I play trumpet, and I have experience playing in a student orchestra and amateur orchestras.

Academic background2004 B. S., Faculty of Science, Kyoto university
2006 M. A., Graduate School of Science, Kyoto university
2009 Ph. D., Graduate School of Science, Kyoto university
2009 JSPS Research fellow PD
2010 Assistant professor, Department of Mathematics, Gakushuin University
2012 Associate Professor, Department of Engineering, Hiroshima University,
2016 Associate Professor, Graduate school of Engineering Science, Osaka University,
2023- Professor, Graduate school of Science, Hokkaido University
Affiliated academic societyMathematical Society of Japan
Room addressScience Building 3, 3-615