Researcher Information

BAJO Ken-ichi

Assistant Professor

Noble gas cosmochemistry

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Earth and Planetary System Science


Cosmochemistry reveled by using noble gas isotopes in extra-terrestrial matters

FieldGeochemistry, Mass spectrometry
KeywordNoble gas, Mass spectrometry, In-situ isotope analysis, Solar wind, Sample return mission

Representative Achievements

R. Okazaki, B. Marty, H. Busemann, K. Hashizume, J.D. Gilmour, A. Meshik, T. Yada, F. Kitajima, M.W. Broadley. D. Byrne, E. Furi, M.E.I. Riebe, D. Krietsch, C. Maden, A. Ishida, P. Clay, S.A Crowther, L. Fawcett, T. Lawton, O. Pravdivseva, Y.N. Miura, J. Park, K. Bajo, Y. Takano, K. Yamada, S. Kawagucci, Y. Matsui, Y. Yamamoto, K. Righter, S. Sakai, N. Iwata, N. Shirai, S. Sekimoto, M. Inagaki, M. Ebihara, R. Yokochi, K. Nishiizumi, K. Nagao, J.I. Lee, A. Kano, M.W. Caffee, R. Uemura et al. (2023) Noble gases and nitrogen in samples of asteroid Ryugu record its volatile sources and recent surface evolution. Science, 379, eabo0431.
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Academic degreePh. D
Academic background2006 Bachelor Degree of Science at Tokyo University of Science
2008 Master Degree of Science at the University of Tokyo
2011 Doctor Degree of Science at the University of Tokyo
2011 Project researcher, Department of Natural History Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
2013 Research Assistant Professor, Creative Research Institution, Hokkaido University
2014- Assistant Professor, Earth and Planetary System Sciences, Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Graduate School of Science, Hokkaido University
Room addressCreative Reseach Institution