Researcher Information

KOGAME Kazuhiro


Researches of seaweed diversity

Department of Biological Sciences, Biodiversity


Phylogeny, taxonomy and evolution of seaweeds

FieldTaxonomy, Phylogeny, Evolution
KeywordSeaweeds, Green algae, Red algae, Brown algae, Molecular phylogeny, Crossing experiment, Life history

Introduction of Research

Seaweeds are multicellular marine benthic algae including green, brown and red algae. They consist of about 8,000 species and play an important role as a primary producer in rocky coastal ecosystems. My research interests include the diversity of seaweeds, especially their phylogeny, evolution and speciation. I study on the diversity of seaweeds by morphological observation, molecular technique and crossing experimant and revise the classification system or describe a new species.

Three species of seaweeds: Dactylosiphon bullosus, Monostroma crassidermum and Phycodrys riggii from the left.
Some species of the brown algal family Scytosiphonaceae
Academic degreeDoctor of Science
Affiliated academic societyThe Japanese Society of Phycology, International Phycological Society, The Botanical Society of Japan
Room addressFaculty of Science, Building #5