Researcher Information


Associate Professor

Understanding atomic-scale mechanisms of mineral growth

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Earth and Planetary System Science


Experimental and theoretical investigation for metastable formation mechanism of carbonate minerals
Visualization of pH distribution around growing/dissolving minerals in aqueous solutions

FieldMineralogy, Crystal Growth
KeywordMinerals, Crystal Growth, Biomineralization, Mineral/water interface, Metastable phase, Amorphous, Carbonate minerals, Molecular simulation

Introduction of Research

My research interests are in understanding crystal growth and phase transformation mechanisms of various minerals based on both experimental and computational techniques. Especially, I would like to know the nucleation and surface process of carbonate minerals, which are common biominerals forming biological hard tissues like shells and coral skeletons.

Representative Achievements

The Effect of Mg2+ Incorporation on the Structure of Calcium Carbonate Clusters: Investigation by the Anharmonic Downward Distortion Following Method, J. Kawano, S. Maeda, and T. Nagai, Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys., 2016, 18, 2690-2698.
Incorporation of Mg2+ in surface Ca2+ sites of aragonite: an ab initio study, J. Kawano, H. Sakuma, and T. Nagai, Prog. Earth Plan. Sci., 2015, 2:7.
Precipitation diagram of calcium carbonate polymorphs: its construction and significance. J. Kawano, A. Miyake, N. Shimobayashi, M. and Kitamura, J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 2009, 21, 425012.
Molecular dynamics simulation of the rotational order–disorder phase transition in calcite. J. Kawano, A. Miyake, N. Shimobayashi, and M. Kitamura. J. Phys.: Condens. Matter, 2009, 21, 095406.
Formation process of calcium carbonate from highly supersaturated solution, J. Kawano, N. Shimobayashi, M. Kitamura, K. Shinoda, and N. Aikawa, J. Cryst. Growth, 2002, 237-239(1), 419-423.

Related industries

Materials Science, Crystal Engineering, Environmental Science, Agrochemistry
Academic degreePh.D.
Academic background1998 B.Sci. Faculty of Science, Kyoto University
2000 M.Sci. Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
2003 Ph.D. Graduate School of Science, Kyoto University
2003-2005 Postdoctoral Fellow, Kyoto University
2005-2007 Lecturer, Yamanashi Institute of Gemology and Jewelry Art
2007-2010 Researcher, Research Laboratory, Gemological Association of All Japan
2010-2011 Research Associate, Research Institute of Applied Mechanics, Kyusyu University
2011 Research Assistant Professor, Research Institute of Applied Mechanics, Kyusyu University
2011-2016 Assistant Professor, Creative Research Institution, Hokkaido University
Affiliated academic societyJapan Association of Mineralogical Sciences, The Japanese Association of Crystal Growth, The Molecular Simulation Society of Japan, Mineralogical Society of America, The Japan Society of Applied Physics
Room addressFaculty of Science Building 6 2006-08-04