Researcher Information

YURIMOTO Hisayoshi


Origin of the Solar System

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Earth and Planetary System Science


I study origin and evolution of the Solar system by chemical and isotopical analyses.

FieldGeochemistry, Cosmochemistry, Mineralogy, Planetary Sciences, Applied Physics
Keywordmeteorite, isotope microscope, isotope, solar system, mass spectrometry, chronology, mineral

Introduction of Research

I am interested in the origin and evolution of the solar system, as well as the origin and evolution of Earth. My research is based on meteorites from asteroids, the Moon, and Mars, and on terrestrial samples.

Analysis of solar wind noble gas by a secondary nuetral mass spectrometer. LIMAS. A unique feature of LIMAS is tunneling ionization for all atoms.

Representative Achievements

Yurimoto, H., Abe, K.-i., Abe, M., Ebihara, M., Fujimura, A., Hashiguchi, M., Hashizume, K., Ireland, T. R., Itoh, S., Katayama, J., Kato, C., Kawaguchi, J., Kawasaki, N., Kitajima, F., Kobayashi, S., Meike, T., Mukai, T., Nagao, K., Nakamura, T., Naraoka, H., Noguchi, T., Okazaki, R., Park, C., Sakamoto, N., Seto, Y., Takei, M., Tsuchiyama, A., Uesugi, M., Wakaki, S., Yada, T., Yamamoto, K., Yoshikawa, M. and Zolensky, M. E. (2011) Oxygen isotopic compositions of asteroidal materials returned from Itokawa by the Hayabusa mission. Science 333, 1116-1119.
Sakamoto, N., Seto, Y., Itoh, S., Kuramoto, K., Fujino, K., Nagashima, K., Krot, A.N., and Yurimoto, H.(2007) Remnants of the early solar system water enriched in heavy oxygen isotopes. Science,317(5835), 231-233.
Nagashima, K., Krot, A. N. and Yurimoto, H.(2004) Stardust silicates from primitive meteorites. Nature428,921-924.
Yurimoto, H. and Kuramoto, K. (2004) Molecular cloud origin for the oxygen isotope heterogeneity in the solar system. Science 305, 1763-1766.
Itoh S. and Yurimoto H.(2003) Contemporaneous formation of chondrules and refractory inclusions in the early solar system. Nature423, 728-731.
Academic degreeDoctor of Science
Academic background1980 B.S. (Geoscience) University of Tsukuba
1985 D. Sc. (Geoscience) University of Tsukuba
1985-1986 JSPS Fellow
1986-1992 Assistant Professor, University of Tsukuba
1994-2005 Associate Professor, Tokyo Institute of Technology
2005- Present Position
Affiliated academic societyGeochemical Society of Japan, Japan Association of Mineralogical Sciences, Meteoritical Society, Japan Geoscience Union
Room addressCreative Research Institution Buillding 02-320