Researcher Information

YOSHIDA Hiroyuki

Associate Professor

Physics and Chemistry of Materials

Department of Physics, Electronic Condensed Matter Physics


1. Exploring of new material
2. Geometrical frustration
3. Development of ultra-High Tc superconductor
4. Magnetoelectric effect of multiferroic system

Representative Achievements

Spin Thermal Hall Conductivity of a Kagome Antoferromagnet,
H. Doki, M. Akazawa, H.-Y. Lee, J.H Han, K. Sugii, M. Shimozawa, N. Kawashima, M. Oda, H. Yoshida, and M. Yamashita,
Phys. Rev. Lett., 121, 097203 (2018).
Gapless magnetic excitations in kagome antiferromagnet Ca-kapellasite probed by 35Cl NMR spectroscopy,
Y. Ihara, T. Sasaki, N. Noguchi, Y. Ishii, M. Oda, and H. Yoshida,
Phys. Rev. B, 96, 180409(R) (2017)
Superconductivity in noncentrosymmetric Ag2Pd3S,
H. Yoshida, H. Okabe, Y. Matsushita, M. Isobe, and E. Takayama-Muromachimi,
Phys. Rev. B, 95, 184514 (2017).
Unusual Magnetic State with Dual Magnetic Excitations in the Single Crystal of S = 1/2 Kagome Lattice Antiferromagnet CaCu3(OH)6Cl2・0.6H2O,
H. Yoshida, N. Noguchi, Y. Matsushita, Y. Ishii, Y. Ihara, M. Oda, H. Okabe, S. Yamashita, Y. Nakazawa, A. Takata, T. Kida, Y. Narumi, and M. Hagiwara,
J. Phys. Soc. Jpn., 86, 033704 (2017)
Structural study of quasi-one-dimensional vanadium pyroxene LiVSi2O6 single crystals,
Y. Ishii, Y. Matsushita, M. Oda, and H. Yoshida,
Journal of Solid State Chemistry 246, 125 (2016).

Department of Physics, Electronic Condensed Matter Physics

YOSHIDA Hiroyuki

Associate Professor

What made you decide to become a researcher?

The advance of science and technology has been remarkable, and this enable us to live a convenient life. However, we know only a handful of the laws of nature and there is vast unknown territory which should be shed light on. I think I want to do something as a researcher that will contribute to reveal a piece of the law of nature.

Who is the researcher you respect most and why?

I respect a scientist who keep making an effort, enjoying everything in nature, and presenting interesting concepts and materials to the world.

What do you usually do when your research work gets stuck?

As the proverb says, every failure is a stepping stone to success. This means that any (good or bad) results are essentially important to achieve the research goal, so I think research works do not get stuck, in a sense. But, when I feel frustrated, then I usually take a coffee break.

What is your dream that you want to achieve through your research?

My research is to develop new materials. It is an incredible pleasure to succeed in finding a material which has never been found so far. To find a room temperature superconductor is the final goal of my research. I aim to grasp it first in the world. World of the room temperature superconductor – that sounds amazing.

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