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A high-resolution prediction system for birch pollen in Sapporo

Press release (in Japanese)

This study aims to develop a high-resolution forecast model for airborne birch pollen concentration in Sapporo. Using results that shows that the bulk of pollen grains was deposited near the source plant, we created a high-resolution birch tree density map from a field survey along public roads and footpaths and Street View on Google Maps. The map was linearly extrapolated to cover an area 10 km from the city centre, including forests in the south and southwest. A new atmospheric dispersion deposition model for birch pollen was developed…..

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Article Information:
Masaru Inatsu,Ryo Yoshida,Shota Karino,Shinji Takeuchi,Satoshi Kobayashi, “A high-resolution prediction system for birch pollen in Sapporo”. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, 2020,
108229, ISSN 0168-1923.
DOI: 10.1016/j.agrformet.2020.108229