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First in situ observations of behavior in deep-sea tanaidacean crustaceans

Press release (in Japanese)


We report on the behavior of a deep-sea tanaidacean, Gigantapseudes sp. (Apseudomorpha: Gigantapseudidae), recorded at the depths of 6446?6447 m by the manned submersible Shinkai 6500. From recordings of at least three individuals walking on the sea floor, we confirm that Gigantapseudes sp. is epibenthic, as previously inferred from leg shape. One individual was recorded entering a hole. All individuals in the videos kept pereopods 4 raised from the seafloor while walking, implying that…..

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Article Information:
Keiichi Kakui and Yoshihiro Fujiwara, “First in Situ Observations of Behavior in Deep-Sea Tanaidacean Crustaceans,” Zoological Science 37(4), 1-4, (2 July 2020).
DOI: 10.2108/zs200028