北大数論セミナー:Extending the conjecture of Prasad to quaternionic dual pairs(角濱寛隆氏)

Event Date: Dec 20, 2022

Time: 16:00-17:00



Title:Extending the conjecture of Prasad to quaternionic dual pairs

Abstract:In this talk, we formulate the conjecture describing the local theta correspondence of quaternionic dual pairs of almost equal rank in terms of local Langlands correspondence. To do this, we observe some properties of the parameterizations of irreducible representations for quaternionic unitary groups. This extends the conjecture of Prasad for orthogonal-symplectic and unitary-unitary dual pairs which had been proved by Gan-Ichino, Atobe-Gan, and Atobe.

Organizer:跡部 発、安田 正大