Calabi-Yau Varieties and Related Topics 2023

Event Date: 22 to Jul 23, 2023

Place:Science building No.4, room 501

Ichiro Shimada (Hiroshima Univ.)
Yuta Takada (Hokkaido Univ.)
Taizan Watari (Kavli IPMU)
Masato Kuwata (Chuo Univ.)
Makoto Miura (Osaka Univ.)
Ryo Negishi (Hokkaido Univ.)
Masanori Asakura (Hokkaido Univ.)

Masanori Asakura (Hokkaido Univ.)
Yasuhiro Goto (Hokkaido Edu.) 
Shinobu Hosono (Gakushuin)
Noriko Yui (Queen’s Univ.)

Theme: In this two day’s working workshop, we will discuss arithmetic and geometry related to Calabi-Yau manifolds. Our primary focus will be having discussions and exchanging ideas among participants, not only experts but also non-experts, in a rather informal atmosphere.

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