135 附属社会創造数学センター主催 北大MMCセミナー :A total design of finite element schemes for flow problems(野津 裕史 氏)

Event Date: May 02, 2023


Time:     2023年 5月 2日(火) 16時30分 ~ 2023年5月2日(火) 18時00分

Place:  北海道大学電子科学研研究所 中央キャンパス総合研究棟2号館5階講義室

Speaker:  野津 裕史 氏(金沢大学 理工研究域・数物科学系)

Title: A total design of finite element schemes for flow problems


Abstract: In the development of numerical schemes for flow problems, especially in the framework of the finite element method, there are some key issues, e.g., the approximation of the convection term, the choice of a finite element, and the mesh control, where the last one is not special for flow problems. This talk introduces a total design of finite element schemes for flow problems and related results and applications[1-5]. Refs. [1] M.M. Rasid et al. A two-step Lagrange-Galerkin scheme for the shallow water equations with a transmission boundary condition and its application to the Bay of Bengal region-Part I: Flat bottom topography. Mathematics 11, 2023. [2] K. Futai et al. A mass-preserving two-step Lagrange-Galerkin scheme for convection-diffusion problems. J. Sci. Comput. 92, 2022. [3] J.S.H. Simon and H. Notsu. A shape design problem for the Navier-Stokes flow with a convective boundary condition. Comput. Appl. Math. 41, 2022. [4] D.O. Medeiros et al. Second-order finite difference approximations of the upper-convected time derivative. SIAM J. Numer. Anal. 59, 2021. [5] K. Goto et al. Twin vortex computer in fluid flow. New J. Phys. 23, 2021.