Organic Chemistry II

Fine Synthesis of Organic Compounds Possessing Complex Molecular Structures

Introduction of Research

Chemical Synthesis of Bioactive Natural Organic Compounds

A variety of organic compounds, which are classified as “natural products”, are produced in the body of animals, plants, and microorganisms. Each natural product possesses characteristic function in maintaining their own life or affecting other lives. Pheromones, toxins, and antibiotics are the representative examples of the latter. We are investigating the chemical synthesis of these natural products without using biological methods.

Development of Useful Synthetic Methods of Organic Compounds Having Complex Molecular Structures

Bioactive natural organic compounds possess diverse complicated chemical structures comprising of branched chains and cyclic moieties with various functional groups. The synthesis of these compounds can be achieved through multi-step transformation, such as oxidation and esterification, through which the molecule gains structural complexity. We are exploring new useful reagents based on characteristic feature of elements and new efficient methods for making chemical bonds.

Experimental Operations in Organic Synthesis
Total Synthesis of a Natural Product and Its Application

Introduction of laboratory

Each student has their own theme either on “synthesis of natural compounds” or “development of new synthetic reactions”. Total synthesis of natural compounds usually takes long period for completion, which motivates some students to go to doctor course. Their abundant experiences in multi-step organic synthesis are evaluated highly from chemical and pharmaceutical companies, and most of the graduate work as researchers in these fields.