Physical Chemistry

    • MURAKOSHI KeiProfessor
    • FUKUSHIMA TomohiroLecturer
    • ZHOU RuifengAssistant Professor (ISP)
    • TAKETSUGU TetsuyaProfessor
    • KOBAYASHI MasatoAssociate Professor
    • LYALIN AndreyICReDD Associate Professor (specially appointed)
    • IWASA TakeshiAssistant Professor
    • SAITA KenichiroAssistant Professor (specially appointed)
    • ONO YurikoICReDD Assistant Professor (specially appointed)
    • MAEDA SatoshiProfessor
    • SUZUKI KimichiAssociate Professor (specially appointed)
    • NAGATA YuuyaAssociate Professor (specially appointed)
    • HARABUCHI YuAssociate Professor (specially appointed)
    • Jiang JulongAssistant Professor (specially appointed)
    • MATSUOKA WataruAssistant Professor (specially appointed)
    • AKIYAMA SeijiAssistant Professor (specially appointed)
    • ISHIMORI KoichiroProfessor
    • UCHIDA TakeshiAssociate Professor
    • HARADA JunAssociate Professor
    • KAGEYAMA YoshiyukiAssistant Professor
    • SADA KazukiProfessor
    • MIURA AtsushiAssociate Professor
    • KOBAYASHI AtsushiAssociate Professor
    • MATSUOKA KeitaroAssistant Professor
    • TSUTSUMI TakuroAssistant Professor

Inorganic and Analytical Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

    • SUZUKI TakanoriProfessor
    • ISHIGAKI YusukeAssociate Professor
    • SHIMAJIRI TakuyaAmbitions Special Assistant Professor
    • TANINO KeijiProfessor
    • SUZUKI TakahiroAssociate Professor
    • SAWAMURA MasayaProfessor
    • SHIMIZU YoheiAssociate Professor
    • MASUDA YusukeAssistant Professor
    • Fernando Arteaga ArteagaAssistant Professor (ISP)
    • HIGASHIDA KosukeAssistant Professor (specially appointed)
    • NAGAKI AiichiroProfessor
    • MINAMI AtsushiAssociate Professor
    • OKAMOTO KazuhiroLecturer (specially appointed)
    • MIYAGISHI HiromichiAssistant Professor
    • ASHIKARI YosukeAssistant Professor (specially appointed)
    • TAKINO JunyaAmbitious Special Assistant Professor

Biological Chemistry

Cooperation and Collaboration

Institute for Catalysis

Research Institute for Electronic Science

Institute for Genetic Medicine

Institute for Chemical Reaction Design and Discovery (ICReDD)

National Institute for Materials Science (NIMS)

Center for International Collaborative Education in Science