Dynamics of plant organelle

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Organelle dynamics for environmental adaptation in plants
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Within the eukaryotic cells, there are various structures surrounded by membranes called organelles. Organelles have their unique composition of proteins and lipids, and are responsible for their unique metabolic functions. Membrane traffic with membrane-bound vesicles that deliver cargoes to their destinations plays an important role in maintaining organelle homeostasis. Plants regulate the membrane traffic system and flexibly changes organelles in response to various environmental stresses. By using live cell imaging and biochemical analysis, we aim to elucidate the dynamics of organelles and membrane traffic systems in response to environmental changes, and to understand the flexible environmental adaptation strategies of plants. We are also interested in how organelles are maintained throughout the life of plants.


Plant Organelles


Endoplasmic reticulum (magenta) and Golgi stacks (green) in cotyledon epidermal cells of Arabidopsis thaliana


Endoplasmic reticulum subdomain for vesicle formation (green) transiently contact with Golgi stacks (magenta) which formed vesicles are destined for



Plants appear to live quietly. However, in plant cells, organelles are not only rapidly moving, but also morphologically and functionally changing in response to the environment. Seeing is believing. I hope you will observe the dynamics of plant organelles with your own eyes.


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