About Us

Answering ‘why’ in biology

How have organisms evolved during 4 billion years? Biology explores the basic principles of life. We use a variety of organisms to study the molecular mechanisms of genes and other biological molecules, the many ways individual organisms adapt to their environments, and the relationships between populations and nature.

Why do we study biology?

Fundamental knowledge gained from biological research is used as the foundation in many applied areas such as medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, fisheries, and engineering. A deep understanding of biological mechanisms leads to a better knowledge of our environment, us, and their inter-relationships which is fundamental to reach a sustainable world. The driving force of biology is none other than your curiosity. We are waiting for ambitious and curious students.

A wide range of learning is provided by faculties from various fields

The Department of Biological Sciences (Division of Biology), Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University consists of six research groups. The Biodiversity and Evolution group studies the evolutionary processes of various organisms to build a better classification system. The Cell Structure and Function group researches signal transduction mechanisms in plants and the environmental adaptation mechanisms that are the basis of higher-order cell functions. The Behavioral Neuroscience group investigates various behaviors such as animal cognition and learning, and their brain functions.


The Reproductive and Developmental Biology group studies the cell and molecular mechanisms of animal reproduction and development. The Ecological Genetics group researches the genetic basis of evolutionary adaptation of plants and animals under environmental changes. The Environmental Molecular Biology group uses plants to elucidate the functions of useful microorganisms to develop new technologies. The Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere group is based in three marine laboratories where they study the biology of marine algae and marine ecology.

Develop a thirst for knowledge and increase your problem-solving ability with a fulfilling curriculum

The Department of Biological Sciences (Division of Biology), Hokkaido University, has a long history of excellence among the biology departments in Japanese universities. Since its foundation in 1930, it provides a systematic education based on the latest knowledge in zoology and botany. Through lectures and practical training in a wide range of academic fields, from molecules to cells, populations, and ecology, our students acquire and develop new skills and fundamental knowledge in the biological systems. The experiences given at Hokkaido also help them to develop insights into the universality of nature. Our excellent academic staff respects your curiosity while helping you to develop problem-solving skills that can be used during all your professional life.