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Akkeshi Marine Station
Marine Ecology
coastal ecosystem
ecosystem function
long-term research

Population and community dynamics of marine organisms and ecosystems under global environmental changes: Marine ecosystems are now facing multiple human-induced stresses. For their conservation and sustainable use, we need to integrate our knowledge on marine ecosystem obtained by various approaches. Research in our lab is specially targeted on understanding biodiversity patterns and ecosystem dynamics of coastal areas by combining different disciplines of ecology and environmental science, such as long-term field monitoring, manipulative experiment in the field and in the laboratory, molecular genetic approach and remote sensing/GIS analyses.

Eelgrass (Zostera marina; left photograph) is one of the most dominant marine plant in coastal areas of Japan. It covers 70% of Akkeshi-ko estuary, supporting a wide variety of associated plants and animals. Whooper swans (Cygnus cygnus; right photograph), which visit Akkeshi in winter, are major consumer of eelgrass.


I am welcome undergraduate and graduate students who are willing to study this important subject with me in a pristine coastal environment of Akkeshi, Eastern Hokkaido.


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