NAGASATO, ChikakoProfessor

Muroran Marine Station
Cell Biology in Algae
Development of reproductive cells in algae
Cytokinesis and cross wall formation in brown algae

Multicellularity had independently evolved in several groups of eukaryotes, and cytokinesis has a crucial role for maintaining the cell adhesion and cell-cell communication in these organisms. Brown algae including ‘Konbu (Saccharina)’ and ‘Wakame (Undaria)’ are multicellular organisms and possess plasmodemata, which are intercellular channels across the cross wall. In 2010, whole genome sequences of Ectocarpus siliculosuswere reported. The result shows a possibility that brown algae have complicated signal transductions and systems for cell-cell communication. We are examining how the cross wall is built in the mid space between daughter nuclei and how the multicellularity is maintained by molecular and cellular levels.


Algae can be found in every ecosystem of the biosphere and participate in more than half of the total primary production. Especially, brown algae are an important group of costal ecosystem in Hokkaido, northern part of Japan. Tremendous natural resources and biological interests exist in sea.


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