Research on evolution and diversity of animals

MASUDA, RyuichiProfessor

Molecular Evolution and Population Genetics of Mammals and Birds
Study on origins and zoogeographical hisotry of mammals native to the Japanese islands, based on molecular phylogeny and population genetics
Molecular evolution
Population genetics
Conservation genetics
ancient DNA

To understand the zoogeographic history and the process of fauna divergence on the Japanese islands, we study molecular phylogeography and population genetics of mammals and birds, which are distributed in Japan and the Eurasian Continent. The biodiversity on the Japanese islands provides the fantastic field to our study. In addition to the natural history sciences, on evolutionary and genetic data, our study leads to conservation biology for species, which are common, endemic and endangered in Japan. We also would like to know the historical relationships between animals and human cultures in Hokkaido, with zooarchaeology and ancient DNA analysis.


In our lab, we are studying biodiversity and evolution of wild mammals and birds from the DNA level.  In addition, the researches on the relationships between animals and ancient culture are going-on.  The students can attend these projects for undergraduate and graduate studies.  Anytime, the students who are interested in studies on evolution, biodiversity and natural history, may visit our lab.


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Department of Biological Sciences

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Graduate School of Science
Department of Natural History Sciences
Biodiversity IV

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Genome dynamics research center, West-GW-207
Email: masudary [atmark] sci.hokudai.ac.jp

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