KOSHIKAWA, ShigeyukiProfessor

Ecological Genetics
Evolutionary developmental biology
Color pattern
Life history

How has diversity of organismal morphs and life styles evolved? To tackle this question, we need to have an appropriate experimental organism. Drosophila (fruit fly) combines phenotypic diversity and technical advantages for experimental investigations. Using Drosophila species with various pigmentation patterns on their wings, we investigate gene expressions and functions by trangenesis and genome editing, and try to discover mechanisms of pattern formation and evolution. We aim for a general understanding of Drosophila biology ranging from its life history to evolution of gene regulation.


Scientists have to propose a novel idea and test it. The best way to find a new idea is through observation of nature. We highly value two activities: 1) elucidating the traits of organisms in the lab and thinking deeply about them, and 2) observing the natural life of organisms in the field and understanding the environmental backgrounds that shaped the organismal phenotypes during evolution.


  • Fukutomi Y, Matsumoto K, Agata K, Funayama N, Koshikawa S. Pupal development and pigmentation process of a polka-dotted fruit fly, Drosophila guttifera (Insecta, Diptera). Development Genes and Evolution 227: 171-180. (2017)
  • Koshikawa S, Fukutomi Y, Matsumoto K. Drosophila guttifera as a model system for unraveling color pattern formation. In: Diversity and Evolution of Butterfly Wing Patterns: An Integrative Approach, Sekimura T, Nijhout HF (eds.) Springer. pp.287-301. (2017)
  • Koshikawa S, Giorgianni MW, Vaccaro K, Kassner VA, Yoder JH, Werner T, Carroll SB. Gain of cis-regulatory activities underlies novel domains of wingless gene expression in DrosophilaProceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America 112: 7524-7529. (2015)
  • Werner T*, Koshikawa S*, Williams TM, Carroll SB. *equal contribution. Generation of a novel wing colour pattern by the Wingless morphogen. Nature 464: 1143-1148. (2010)

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