ISADA, TomonoriAssociate Professor

Akkeshi Marine Station
Biological oceanography
Primary production (Photosynthetic features)
Carbon cycle
Ocean color remote sensing
Ocean optics

Marine phytoplankton play a major role in aquatic carbon cycle. Oyashio regions, located in the northwest Pacific, is know to be the large seasonal biological drawdown of the CO2 partial pressure in surface water and one of the best fishing grounds in the world. Therefore, it is important to investigate and monitor the seasonal and annual changes in phytoplankton assemblages and primary productivity in this region.To understand the contribution of each phytoplankton functional group to marine biogeochemical cycles will be of great benefit for a wide range of assessment of environmental impacts on marine ecosystem.


Akkeshi Marine Station (AMS) is located in eastern Hokkaido, Japan. This region is known to be one of the richest nature in Japan. I hope that you have a good opportunity for studying biological oceanography and marine coastal ecosystem in AMS.


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Akkeshi Marin Station FSC, Hokkaido University


Field Science Center for Northern Biosphere

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Graduate School of Environmental Science
Division of Biosphere Science

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Email: t-isada [atmark] fsc.hokudai.ac.jp

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