Plant survival strategy and RNA metabolism

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Cell Structure and Function
Plant Molecular Biology
Molecular mechanism of plant stress responses and survival strategy approaching from RNA molecule

Control of gene expression is exerted by multiple steps such as transcription, RNA processing and export, mRNA stability, translation and post-translational events. Recent discovery of small RNAs has enhanced the impact of post-transcriptional regulation, in particular alterations of mRNA stability on gene regulations. Control of mRNA turnover is important not only for changing the level of mRNA, but also for determining the transition time of mRNA, which is critical for quick response to environmental changes. The goal of our projects is to demonstrate the importance of mRNA turnover control in the regulating gene expression in response to stress conditions in plants.


Research in our lab focuses on mRNA turnover control of the gene expression in response to stress in higher plants. According to the kinetics of mRNA turnover, regulation of mRNA stability has a pivotal role to adjust the mRNA level to environmental changes; however the significance of the regulation is poorly understood. We are trying to understand the molecular mechanism of mRNA stability control in response to stress by using genetic and biochemical approaches.


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