NAMIKI Takao Professor

Applied Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
Research Interest
Ergodic theory, dynamical systems, quantum walk, digital library
Cellular automata, chaotic dynamics

Research Activities

Complex System

I study complex system, especially cellular automata and quantum walks. First, we can observe fascinating dynamical behavior of cellular automata, typical complex system like the Game of Life, on their configuration space. Though the definition of cellular automata is various, my interest is the orbit structure of such behavior from the viewpoint of dynamical system and ergodic theory. Second, quantum walk, quantum version of random walk, shows different behavior from normal random walk. In the definition of quantum walk, a unitary operator on given Hilbert space is required and I study the features of quantum walks defined by the pair induced with measure preserving dynamical system. Now, relative to quantum information, the study of quantum walk is so important.


  • Takao Namiki, “Limit sets and the rate of convergence for one-dimensional cellular automata traffic models”, Proceedings of Traffic and Granular Flow ’01 pp. 103-108 (October 15-17, 2001, Nagoya University, Japan), Springer 2003
  • Norio Konno, Takao Namiki, Takahiro Soshi and Aidan Sudbury, “Absorption problems for quantum walks in one dimension”,Journal of Physics A: Mathematics and General Vol. 36 (10 January 2003) ,pp. 241-253

Digital Library

Our group is now developing Japanese counterpart of World Digital Mathematics Library. All metadata of 35000 articles in 400 titles of mathematical journals published in Japan have already been integrated to our digital library which is called DML-JP.


  • Takao Namiki, Hiraku Kuroda and Shunsuke Naruse, “Experimental DML over digital repositories in Japan”, In Proceedings of Towards Digital Mathematics Library 2009 pp. 71-81 (7 – 9 Jul 2009, Ontario, Canada)