NAGAYAMA Masaharu Professor

Applied Mathematics

Research Institute for Electronic Science
Research Interest
Applied mathematics
Mathematical modeling, Numerical simulation, Reaction-diffusion systems

Research Activities

The goal of our study is to understand the mechanism of nonlinear phenomena from the mathematical viewpoint, using mathematical modeling, numerical simulation and mathematical analysis. For example, we are studying on the motion of droplets and particles, a chemical reaction and a cell dynamics.


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  • M.Nagayama, S.Nakata, Y.Doi and Y.Hayashima, ” A theoretical and experimental study on the unidirectional motion of a camphor disk “, Physica D, 194(2004) 151-165.
  • M.Mimura and M.Nagayama, “Nonannihilation dynamics in an exothermic reaction-diffusion system with mono-stable excitability”, CHAOS 7(4) (1997) 817-826.