MASAKI Satoshi Professor

Applied Mathematics

Department of Mathematics
Research Interest
Differential equation, mathematical physics
nonlinear partial diffenrential equation, variational analysis, harmonic analysis, nonlinear scattering problem, stability of solitons.

Research Activities

  My major is the mathematical analysis of partial differential equations. I am especially interested in nonlinear dispersive equations. The dispersive equations are, roughly speaking, the equations describing various wave phenomena. In particular, I work on the nonlinear Schrodinger equation, the nonlinear Klein-Gordon equation, and the (generalized) KdV equation. One goal of my study is to understand the influence of nonlinearity on the global behavior of solutions of equations.

  One topic I am specifically working on is the study of time-global dynamics of solutions. Typically, a nonlinear dispersive equation has a special solution called a soliton solution. This kind of equilibrium solution is caused by the balance between the linear dispersion effect, which tends to scatter the wave, and the nonlinear interaction, which tends to collect the wave. One interesting point about nonlinear equations is that a single equation can contain many solutions with quite different behavior. In addition to the soliton solution, in many cases, there are solutions (scattering solutions) in which linear dispersion effects dominate and solutions in which nonlinear interactions dominate and, as a result, blowup in finite time.
  The question here is to study the structure of the phase space which these various solutions make. To work with infinite-dimensional vector spaces, we introduce various mathematical tools such as functional inequalities and variational analysis.

  In addition, I am also investigating the effects of nonlinearity appearing in the scattering solution. Recently, I am interested in classifying systems of nonlinear equations from the perspective of Hamiltonian structure and conservation laws.


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