KOBAYASHI Shimpei Professor


Department of Mathematics
Research Interest
Differential geometry, Integrable systems
Constant mean curvature surfaces, Harmonic maps, Infinite dimensional Lie groups, Integrable systems, Linear ordinary differential equation.

Research Activities

Constant mean curvature surfaces are given by solutions of a variational problem and have been studied for long time.
On the one hand, it is known that the structure equation of the constant mean curvature surface is an integrable equation.
I am working on these constant mean curvature surfaces and their generalization, harmonic maps, using theory of integrable systems.


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  •  J. F. Dorfmeister, J. Inoguchi, S.-P. Kobayashi, A loop group method for affine harmonic maps into Lie groups, Advances in Mathematics, 298 (2016), 207-253.