KATSURADA Hidenori Researcher

Postdoctoral Fellows

Department of Mathematics
Research Interest
Number Theory, Automorphic Forms
Congruence for automorphic forms, Periods of automorphc forms, Special values of L functions, Siegel series

Research Activities

As is well known, there exists a significant congruence relation between the Fourier coefficients of the Ramanujan delta function and the Eisenstein series of weight 12 modulo 691. These two functions serve as prototypical examples of automorphic forms, with the appearance of 691 in the numerator of the Riemann’s zeta function evaluated at 12 further highlighting their connection. This profound link establishes a deep relationship between congruences for automorphic forms and the special values of L-functions. My recent research focuses primarily on exploring this relationship in the context of several automorphic forms, including Siegel modular forms and Hermitian modular forms.


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