Research Journals

Our department has been publishing “Hokkaido Mathematical Journal”, and collections of preprints “Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics”. In addition, we have been publishing “Hokkaido University Technical Report Series in Mathematics”, which contains records of lectures and research meetings held in our department.

Hokkaido Mathematical Journal (HMJ)

HMJ is published in 1930 (from 1930 to 1972, published as “Journal of Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University, Ser.I, Mathematics”). Each volume is published three times a year, and publishes about 50 excellent research papers related to mathematics regardless of the field, author’s affiliation and nationality. Submitted papers are reviewed by experts and the editorial committee decides whether to submit based on the report. This journal is open access and is always available in libraries at about 150 universities/research institutes in japan and 300 in overseas.

Hokkaido Mathematical Journal Website

Hokkaido University Preprint Series in Mathematics

This preprint series contains over 1,100 preprints since its inception in 1987. There is no peer review for publication, and it is effective immediately. Open access.

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Hokkaido University Technical Report Series in Mathematics

Since its inauguration in 1987, it has published more than 170 transcripts of lectures and research conferences held at Hokkaido University, as well as special lectures. Open access.

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