Researcher Information

Taro Ozaki

Assistant Professor

Biosynthesis of Natural Products

Department of Chemistry, Organic and Biological Chemistry


Studies on the Biosynthesis of Microbial Natural Products

FieldNatural Product Chemistry, Biological Chemistry, Microbiology
KeywordBiosynthesis, Natural Products, Enzymatic reaction, Terpenoids, Ribosomal Peptides, Ascomycetes, Actinomycetes

Representative Achievements

Heterologous production of asperipin-2a: proposal for sequential oxidative macrocyclization by a fungi-specific DUF3328 oxidase, Y. Ye, T. Ozaki, M. Umemura, C. Liu, A. Minami, H. Oikawa, Org. Biomol. Chem., 2019, 17, 39–43.
Biosynthetic study of conidiation-inducing factor conidiogenone: heterologous production and cyclization mechanism of a key bifunctional diterpene synthase, T. Shiina, K. Nakagawa, Y. Fujisaki, T. Ozaki, C. Liu, T. Toyomasu, M. Hashimoto, H. Koshino, A. Minami, H.i Kawaide, H. Oikawa, Biosci. Biotehnol. Biochem., 2018, in press.
Total Biosynthesis of Brassicicenes: Identification of a Key Enzyme for Skeletal Diversification, A. Tazawa, Y. Ye, T. Ozaki, C. Liu, Y. Ogasawara, T. Dairi, Y. Higuchi, N. Kato, K. Gomi, A. Minami, H. Oikawa, Org. Lett., 2018, 20, 6178–6182.
Enzymatic formation of a skipped methyl‐substituted octaprenyl side chain of longestin (KS‐505a): Involvement of homo‐IPP as a common extender unit, T. Ozaki, S. S. Shinde, L. Gao, R. Okuizumi, C. Liu, Y. Ogasawara, X. Lei, T. Dairi, A. Minami, H. Oikawa, Angew. Chem. Int. Ed., 2018, 57, 6629–6632.
Identification of novel sesterterpenes by genome mining of phytopathogenic fungi Phoma and Colletotrichum sp., L. Gao, K. Narita, T. Ozaki, N. Kumakura, P. Gan, A. Minami, C. Liu, X. Lei, K. Shirasu, H. Oikawa, Tetrahedron Lett., 2018, 59, 1136−1139.
Academic background2008 B. S. The University of Tokyo
2010 M. S. The University of Tokyo
2010-2013 Research Fellowship for Young Scientists (DC1)
2013 Ph. D. The University of Tokyo
2013-2016 Research Assistant Professor, The University of Tokyo
2016- Assistant Professor, Hokkaido University
Affiliated academic societyJapan Society for Bioscience, Biotechnology, and Agrochemistry, The Chemical Society of Japan, The Society for Actinomycetes Japan
Room addressG Building 7 7-404