Researcher Information

Simona Settepanella

Associate Professor

Arrangements of hyperplanes and Evolutionary Economics

Department of Mathematics, Mathematics


Arrangements of hyperplanes and related topics; application of arrangements to model Social choice, Management and Economics problems

FieldCombinatorics, Applied Mathematics to Economics
Keywordhomotopy groups, hyperplane arrangements, reflection groups, social choice, toric arrangements

Introduction of Research

Arrangements of hyperplanes are mathematical objects that can be approached by many different point of view such as algebro-geometric, combinatorial and topological ones. Moreover they are related to Artin Groups and the algebra connected with them.
I'm mainly interested in the combinatorics of hyperplane arrangements and in the study of the cohomology of the Milnor Fiber of the arrangement. I'm also interested in application of geometric models to social choice, economics and organizational studies. In particular, jointly with some economists, we modeled and studied problems related to these disciplines using arrangements of hyperplanes.