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Specially Appointed Associate Professor

Observing spectra of all the nature

Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences, Cosmosciences


Earth observation and remote sensing with specral measurements

FieldSpace and upper atmospheric physics, Aerospace engineering, Agricultural information engineering, Environmental analyses and evaluation
KeywordMicrosatellite, Earth observation, Remote sensing, Unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), Hyperspectral imaging

Introduction of Research

In order to study various phenomena such as the aurora and the sporadic E layer generated in the Earth's upper atmosphere and the ionosphere, I have developed observation equipment for neutral and ionized atmospheric particles mounted on sounding rockets and artificial satellites. These instruments mainly employ spectral measurement techniques. Now in Hokkaido University, I am developing spectral imagers to be mounted on microsatellites and UAVs and conducting research on remote sensing for Earth observation in a broad sense, such as agriculture, forestry and fisheries, and environmental and disaster prevention.

Multispectral imaging system (HPT) on the RISING-2 microsatellite
A color image of Minami-Uonuma City, Niigata Prefecture, Japan, acquired by the RISING-2 HPT
UAV-based spectral imager

Representative Achievements

Kurihara, J., Y. Takahashi, Y. Sakamoto, T. Kuwahara, K. Yoshida, HPT: A High Spatial Resolution Multispectral Sensor for Microsatellite Remote Sensing, Sensors, 2018, 18, 619.
Ishida, T., J. Kurihara, F. A. Viray, S. B. Namuco, E. C. Paringit, G. J. Perez, Y. Takahashi, J. J. Marciano Jr., A novel approach for vegetation classification using UAV-based hyperspectral imaging, Comput. Electron. Agric., 2018, 144, 80-85.
Kurihara, J., Ogawa, Y., SOyama, S. Nozawa, M. Tsutsumi, C. M. Hall, Y. Tomikawa, and R. Fujii, Links between a stratospheric sudden warming and thermal structures and dynamics in the high-latitude mesosphere, lower thermosphere, and ionosphere, Geophys. Res. Let., 2010, 37, L13806.
Kurihara, J., Y. Koizumi-Kurihara, N. Iwagami, T. Suzuki, A. Kumamoto, T. Ono, M. Nakamura, M. Ishii, A. Matsuoka, K. Ishisaka, T. Abe, and S. Nozawa, Horizontal structure of sporadic E layer observed with a rocket-borne magnesium ion imager, J. Geophys. Res., 2010, 115, A12318.
Kurihara, J., S. Oyama, S. Nozawa, T. T. Tsuda, R. Fujii, Y. Ogawa, H. Miyaoka, N. Iwagami, T. Abe, K.-I. Oyama, M. Kosch, A. Aruliah, E. Griffin, and K. Kauristie, Temperature enhancements and vertical winds in the lower thermosphere associated with auroral heating during the Dynamics and Energetics of the Lower Thermosphere in Aurora (DELTA) campaign, J. Geophys. Res., 2009, 114, A12306.

Related industries

Space development, Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries
Academic degreePh.D.
Self Introduction

I was born in Tokyo. I want to become an expert of spectroscopy like my supervisor. Also, I have an intrest in interdisciplinary studies with a spectroscpic approach. I like cooking on weekends.

Academic background1998 B. S., Department of Earth and Planetary Physics, The University of Tokyo
2000 M. S., Department of Earth and Planetary Physics, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
2004 Ph.D., Department of Earth and Planetary Science, Graduate School of Science, The University of Tokyo
2004 Aerospace Project Research Associate, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency
2007 Postdoctoral Fellow of Japan Society for the Promotion of Science, Solar-Terrestrial Environment Laboratoy, Nagoya University
2010 Postdoctoral Fellow, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University
2011 Specially Appointed Assistant Professor, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University
2013 Specially Appointed Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Hokkaido University
Affiliated academic societySociety of Geomagnetism and Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences, The Remote Sensing Society of Japan, Japan Geoscience Union, American GeoPhysical Union
Room addressCreative Research Institution 03-106