Researcher Information

Hiraku Atobe

Assistant Professor

Approach Number Theory from the theory of Automorphic Representations

Department of Mathematics, Mathematics


Liftings of automorphic forms and classification of automorphic representations

FieldThe theory of automoprhic represetations
KeywordAutomorhic represetations, Liftings of automorphic forms, Langlands correspondence

Introduction of Research

Automorphic forms, which are functions with rich symmetry, give us several number theoritic infomation, such as analytic continuation and functional equations of L-functions.
I study automorphic representations, which are representations consists of automorphic forms.
Arthur's classification which is a classification of automorphic representations of classical groups, is difficult to understand.
My main research thema is to study Arthur's classification using liftings of automorphic forms.

Representative Achievements

H. Atobe and W. T. Gan,
Local theta correspondence of tempered representations and Langlands parameters.
Invent. Math. 210 (2017), no. 2, 341–415.
H. Atobe,
On the uniqueness of generic representations in an L-packet.
Int. Math. Res. Not. IMRN 2017, no. 23, 7051–7068.
H. Atobe,
The local theta correspondence and the local Gan-Gross-Prasad conjecture for the symplectic-metaplectic case.
Math. Ann. 371 (2018), no. 1-2, 225–295.
H. Atobe, Pullbacks of Hermitian Maass lifts.
J. Number Theory 153 (2015) 158–229.
H. Atobe and W. T. Gan,
On the local Langlands correspondence and Arthur conjecture for even orthogonal groups.
Represent. Theory 21 (2017), 354–415.
Academic degreePh.D.
Self Introduction

I am from Osaka.

Affiliated academic societyThe Mathematical Society of Japan
Room addressFaculty of Science, Building No. 4 4-512