Exploring basic design of insect microbrains

MIZUNAMI, MakotoProfessor

Behavioral Neurobiology
Revealing Adaptive Design of Insect “Microbrains”
The goal of our study is to elucidate elution of brain and behavior of animals, by using insects as model animals. To achieve this goal, we are studying the mechanisms of Pavlovian learning in insects and examining how they differ from, or analogous to, those of mammals, including humans.
Brain and behavior of insects
Learning and memory
Brain evolution

The goal of our laboratory is to reveal the functional design of insect brain, which we have termed “microbrains”. To achieve this goal, we are studying molecular, cellular and neuron-network mechanisms of visual and olfactory learning in insects. One of our research focuses is the role of the mushroom body, an association center of the insect brain, in various forms of learning.

We are also studying the roles of the octopaminergic reward system and dopaminergic punishment system in olfactory and visual learning in crickets, and we are revealing that sophisticated information processing, often called “cognitive” process, underlies learning in insects.

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The goal of our study to open a new field of evolutionary neurobiology. Students and young researchers interested in the brain, behavior and evolution are most welcome to our laboratory.


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